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Walruses have the longest baculum of any living mammal. Forum Tier 1 Purgatory Walrus sucking his own dick. Yes, Waluigi. It is just a small hole which is hard to see with all of their wrinkles. In soviet Russia, walrus dick sucks you. There is no accurate population census for the walrus but it is believed there are over , Pacific walrus and only a few thousand Atlantic walrus individuals. Contact Cates Holderness at cates buzzfeed.
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Walrus sucking his own dick

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In America, there are many people, mostly losers, but some good people also, who hate me for telling the truth. Close up view of hind limbs under body right. The only main problems today are with poachers or native populations who may choose to kill the walrus for its tusks and sell them on the black market. Thus the bulbous body of the walrus, small head without any external ear flaps pinna gives them a hydrodynamic shape. On land, the hind limbs are brought around and under the body similar to sea lions and fur seals but the walrus cannot hold up its own weight so it moves on land or on the pack ice like an inchworm, thrusting its body forward in small lunges using its limbs but never really getting off the ground.
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Filed to: The walrus is a distinctive marine mammal with its tusks. Look it up on youporn. People say you have to have your ribs removed. Special tissue in their ears allows them to equalize the pressure easily. They appear awkward on land but graceful in the water where they feel most comfortable.
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OMG http: The male walrus lacks any externally visible penis — the walrus penis is internal and supported by a bone called a baculum. Hidden Content. That's what happens when you mess with Suzanne. Like getting fucked in the ass, for instance. The females produce very rich milk 30 percent fat and nurse their babies at sea. Hit the jump for the clip, if you dare, then we'll discuss what we can learn from the footage.
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